Induction Program

CHFV Training schedule for February to June 2017

CHFV is pleased to inform you that the professional development schedule for the first half of 2017 is all online and you can plan training for you and your staff for the next 6 months.

You can get a detailed list of the 23 short courses at CHFV can arrange tailored in-house training for our members on a needs basis, please contact me for a full list of in-house courses available.

For experienced workers there are a range of courses on offer that will extend your professional development and ensure your knowledge is up to date.

For New Workers

The CHFV Induction Program is a structured program designed to be undertaken by new housing and tenancy workers as they start their careers in the community housing industry.

To undertake the program, participants must complete all five highly-recommended units and a minimum number of two elective units over a six-month period, intake for 2017 will be in February and August.

The five highly recommended units are:

  1. Tues 7 Mar - Introduction to Community Housing Industry 
  2. Wed 8 Mar - Understanding professional responsibilities of housing and tenancy workers
  3. Wed 5 April - Residential Tenancies Act for New Housing Workers
  4. Mon 10 April - Hearings VCAT
  5. Mon 29 May - Working with clients in Community Housing

New workers will also select at least two elective units. In the first half of 2017, the following courses have been designated as the electives:

  1. Mon 13 Feb - Time Management, Worker Effectiveness and Worker Well-Being
  2. Wed 15 Mar - Management in Rooming Houses
  3. Wed 19 April - Managing Complaints
  4. Wed 24 May - Fire Training
  5. Wed 14 June - Owners Corporation Act
  6. Mon 26 June - Handle With Care™ Staff Safety and Defusing Situations where Individuals May be Aggressive
  7. Tues 27 June - Dealing with Difficult Calls

Please note, there will also be additional elective units available in the second half of 2017 to choose from, these will be advertised in due course.

**Save 20% when you book for the Induction Program

If members book and pay in full for the entire Induction Program in advance (five highly recommended units and two elective units) a discount of 20% will be applied.

Contact me at for any training and registration related queries or to register for the induction program.